You are 50% of Every Relationship

It is commonly said that relationships should be 50/50, two people coming together and making a whole. What we sometimes need to clarify though is that people should feel ‘whole’ within themselves before entering a partnership. Codependents often lack self love and have low self esteem, and searching for a relationship before doing the necessaryContinue reading “You are 50% of Every Relationship”

To Thine Own Self Be True

This quote really resonates with me because it is short, sharp and to the point. “This above all; to thine own self be true”. In just a few words it reminds me that I am enough, and that I do not need to do anything to please someone else if it goes against what IContinue reading “To Thine Own Self Be True”

Effective Communication for Codependent People

Communication is something that codependents often struggle with, or to be more precise, honest and effective communication. This is not to say that codependents lie, but you can tell the factual truth without actually being honest. Honest communication and keeping my boundaries in place is something that I continue to work on and although IContinue reading “Effective Communication for Codependent People”

Codependency and Fear of Success

So many of the messages that we receive in our subconscious as children, can play out in our adult lives with us even noticing. It is said that by the age of 35, we operate through our subconscious mind 90% of the time. This is how it is so easy for us to remain inContinue reading “Codependency and Fear of Success”

Emotional Intelligence Can Help Help You Heal From Codependency

Codependents and empaths are often very ‘other’s’ focused. They are more in tune with, or at least think they are, the needs, wants and desires of others. Codependents who are also people pleasers often anticipate the needs of others before they have even been asked. Giving so much time, energy and attention away often meansContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence Can Help Help You Heal From Codependency”

Codependency In Friendships

Codependency can occur in friendships just as it does in relationships. Similar to many toxic relationships, the usual pattern is that you become fast friends, not taking the time necessary to get to know each other and this serves both parties. The more ‘giving’ person is eager to move the friendship along so that theyContinue reading “Codependency In Friendships”

Collective Healing Is Necessary Now

At this time there is so much going on in the world that I had to discuss it with you. The world always has incidents but at this point of 2020 it is particularly turbulent as riots take place across America, in protest to the unlawful killings of numerous black Americans by Police officers. TheContinue reading “Collective Healing Is Necessary Now”