Tips for Codependents and Empaths During Stressful Times

Codependents often come from dysfunctional homes where they do not feel seen or heard. They have been victims of childhood abuse either emotional, physical or both, and suffered from being ignored, harshly criticised, abandoned, left in compromising situations and generally have felt unprotected. As a result of this their needs went unmet, and they hadContinue reading “Tips for Codependents and Empaths During Stressful Times”

Codependency and Fear of Success

So many of the messages that we receive in our subconscious as children, can play out in our adult lives with us even noticing. It is said that by the age of 35, we operate through our subconscious mind 90% of the time. This is how it is so easy for us to remain inContinue reading “Codependency and Fear of Success”